Our RPAS system allows us to take high resolution still shots that we process and enhance in post production to create a 360° sphere that you can add to a 360° virtual tour or use as a stand alone image.


We are able to frame and monitor shots in the air to perfection by utilizing equipment that sends real time video to our remote control on ground level. Our camera system is fully stabilized to handle difficult shots in the air.

Frequently asked questions

Is what you do legal? Where can you fly?

Our Drone Pilots are Graduates of Harv's Air, UAV Ground School and are the holder of a Transport Canada Pilot Certificate for Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) for Advanced Operations. Our drone is certified to fly in Controlled Air Space, under 400 feet. We fly no less than 30 metres (100 feet) horizontally from bystanders and we never fly over bystanders. We are fully insured under a $1,000,000 Canadian UAV industry specific aviation insurance policy

What about safety?

In keeping with the above answer, just because we are allowed to fly, that legality is not a license to put people in harm's way. Our pilots are seasoned and responsible operators with experience on an array of equipment, and have created some safe yet incredible, innovative shots. Our drone is also equipped with several fail safe features.

Where are you located and what areas do you service?

We are located in Sarnia, Ontario and service all of South Western Onario. That being said, we LOVE to travel! If you want to get us on a project that is requires a plane or a long drive then all we ask is that you pay travel and lodging expenses. We are great at finding deals and do not charge a premium for this.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes! We believe that all aerial photographers should guarantee that you will be satisfied with the images provided. But this is not the case! Our guarantee is this: if you are not completely satisfied with the images that we deliver to you, we will photograph your site again at no additional cost. It is critical to us that our clients are satisfied with their aerial images.

What information do you need from me to get started?

Each photo mission is unique. We may be familiar with your site and need very little information. Or we may need to get detailed location information from you. Please Contact Us directly to get started. We look forward to flying for you!

How high do you fly when you take aerial photos?

We are restricted to a maximum of 400 feet above ground level, however, hight dosnt always mean good photos! Video footage from the camera is relayed to our remote control on ground level giving us the ability to see the footage in real time and make any needed adjustments. This allows us to frame and expertly capture each shot. Once footage it taken, we cut and edit the video to meet our client’s specific needs. In post production we are able to add effects, titles, graphics and more to the footage.

What format do you take your photos?

Unless otherwise requested by our customers, we take each photo in JPEG and RAW format.

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