Can I really get a 416 Toronto Area Code Phone Number?

This is the question we receive the most!

Yes, you can own a Toronto 416 number in 2022!

Even though 416 is what is considered an "exhausted area code"- meaning that you can't just call your service provider and obtain one - we have hundreds of 416 numbers to fit your needs starting at only $69.99. Browse our Premium and Vanity 416 numbers for unique words or number combinations or contact us and we will help!

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What's the catch...
it cant be this easy?

Getting your phone number from Number Shack is like buying an unlocked cell phone. You own it and can take it to any phone provider. We do not sell phone services, apps, extra add-ons, which means there is no monthly fees, no contracts, no hidden charges and no porting fees. We even offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so your phone number purchase from us is 100% RISK FREE!
Number Shack 30 day money back guarantee
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No Port or extra hidden fees

Number Shack is a 100% Canadian Owned and Operated 'small business'. This means you can call a real person and actually talk to the owner and the people that are obsessed with phone numbers! We know what we are doing, we are an overseas call center, where you are an afterthought.

We even respond after-hours, evenings, nighttime and weekends. Try that at any telecom, or any other company!

You can reach our Sales Team at 416-800-4416 or toll-free 1-833-800-4416 or our Port Support Team at 226-210-PORT. To reach us after-hours, send a text at