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What does a Social Media Manager do?


Social media management can be called many things and it encompasses many aspects of the online marketing portfolio:

  • Content marketing

  • Public relations

  • Customer service

  • Social media strategy

  • Community growth & management

We offer:

  • Scheduling social media updates

  • Sourcing viral content for sharing

  • Community growth & outreach

  • Responding to customer service issues

  • Reporting on reach, traffic & growth

  • Creating social media images

  • Setting up profiles

  • SEO – yep, social updates need keywords too

  • Sharing popular posts & sales pages on a regular basis

  • Paid advertising

How we do it:

Source Engaging Information – We are the voice behind the social profile in most cases. We interact with followers and share interesting information. We keep tabs on the latest industry news and pass it along to spark discussions and engagement.

Respond to Customer Service Issues – No one likes to wait 24-48 hours for an email response these days. People want questions or concerns addressed ASAP. Many turn to social media channels as a result. We are keeping an eye out for issues both directly (@mentions) and indirectly (mentions on blogs or social media that are not necessarily addressed to you personally). These aren’t always bad! The good mentions should be acknowledged as well.

Grow the Community on a Continuous Basis – As a business owner and/or blogger yourself, you know the new customer outreach never ends. It may be more aggressive in the beginning, but you must continually get your name out there. This is where trending topics, hashtags and industry news can get you ahead.

Stay on Top of the Latest Platforms, Best Practices and Policy Changes – We don’t need to tell you things change constantly around here. We keep an eye out for new platforms that may be of interest, changes to privacy and advertising policies and how your competitors are connecting with followers in general.

We Remain Professional and Provide a Consistent Voice – Followers should never know when someone else is behind the social media helm. If you are working with one or two other people, there should be no, “wait until after 3 to voice complaints on Facebook because that’s when the nice people come on” from your followers. It should be seamless.

We use your photos and videos to create follower engagement – Every few days, if not daily we will add a new creative video to keep your followers engaged.

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Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos
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